Success Stories

In the year 2008, the KSS along with 38 other organizations and Sauhard Vikas Sanstha came together to start a big campaign called the ‘People’s Manifesto Campaign’. The objective was to democratically draft an agenda, to be called the ‘People’s Manifesto’ (Jan Ghoshna Patra), which essentially reflected demands and needs of the people and stakeholders, to be included in election manifesto of contesting parties.

The year 2013 was significant in this campaign because the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh had the state assembly elections.

A Success Story of an initiative taken by Sauhard Vikas Sanstha, Kisan Sewa Samiti and Sanjha Manch

In July 2010, state government signed an agreement with multinational biotech company Monsanto. Monsanto is known for promoting its genetically modified seed technology without regard to its adverse impacts on environment, health, and agriculture and food security. State government signed the agreement without taking into account the concerns of farmers.

The advocacy of the cause by KSS and Sauhard Vikas Sanstha and its and also the support extended by media to the cause prevailed upon the Government of Rajasthan to cancel/nullify the agreements/MOUs with Monsanto and other private companies in the first week of November 2011. This was, in fact, a great success achieved by the people working at the grass-root level which materialized through proper and intensive advocacy of their cause and by adopting constitutional, democratic and non-violent means to pursue it.

In the month of February 2012 through RTI Kisan Sewa Samiti got an information that in three districts of Rajasthan (Alwer, Bharatpur and Ganganagar) field trials of GM mustard took place. These trials were conducting without taking any clearance from environment department which is mandatory for any field trials of GM.

The Kisan Seva Samiti Mahasangh organized a rally in Jaipur on February 3, 2012 to draw attention of the State on the issue of MSP, following which the state government took a positive decision of increasing Rs. 100 on the MSP of wheat and also declared to open more than 60 buying centers for Bazra.

It was a moment of pride for KSSM that one of their members Smt Asha ji delivered her speech against BRAI bill from Jantar Mantar, on 8th August 2013, in the presence of Shri Murli Manohar Joshi and other Political leaders and activists. She was the only female speaker who got a chance to speak before 3000 people who came different parts of the country.

KSS members formed a committee in the leadership of MLA of Chaksu and approached the Chief Minister and Minister of PHED, while also organizing rally at the local level to get Bisalpur water supply in the villages of Chaksu and Phagi block.

Sauhard Vikas Sanstha is actively involved in the various processes going on both at regional and global level at the civil society level, with respect to the dialogue that will shape the development agenda that will replace the MDGs after the deadline of 2015.